Canadian Engineering and Inspection Ltd.

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CANEIL was created in 2011 by a group of professional engineers and inspectors with a vision of a single company that could do everything for a client. By integrating all components of complete asset integrity management into a one organization, CANEIL was formed with one goal in mind: to provide the most streamlined, high quality inspection and engineering services possible. Since it's founding, CANEIL has grown into a recognized leader of complete asset integrity management, and has assisted clients of all sizes in ensuring that equipment is safe and reliable to operate.

Vision Statement

CANEIL aspires for a leading global market position in the area of providing Complete Asset Integrity services by delivering world-class engineering, inspection, and non-destructive examination (NDE/NDT) services, while reinforcing corporate alliances and upholding top-level quality and ethical standards as the firm's foundation of progressive growth. CANEIL is a leader in engineering and inspection services for pressure vessels, boilers, pipelines, and tanks.

Mission Statement

Providing a tradition of excellence in Complete Asset Integrity services by: