Canadian Engineering and Inspection Ltd.

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NACE Coating Inspections

CANEIL employs several NACE certified coating inspectors, from Level 1 to Level 3, with a large array of coating inspection experience.
CANEIL's coating inspectors can act as quality assurance during third party coating installations, to better ensure that your coating is applied properly to provide the longest lifespan possible.  They can also provide coating inspections for coatings that have been used in service, in order to determine if any coating degredation has occurred, and identify areas that might require repair or additional monitoring.
Finally, in conjunction with our engineering services, CANEIL NACE coating inspectors can assist with coating selection for harsh conditions and unusual applications.
When used in conjunction with our QA field services, CANEIL can assure that the correct coating for the application is selected, and that it is applied in a manner that will ensure the longest-possible operational lifespan.

Coating Blistering