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Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing

PAUT Weld Inspection

In recent years, the use of Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) has seen a dramatic leap in capability and acceptance throughout the oil and gas industry. PAUT provides significantly more information, flexibility, and detection capabilities than traditional UT.

PAUT allows for quicker, more complete scans of welds than traditional shear-wave UT, with the added advantage of easy visualization of the beam path and any defects found within it, and the ability to generate a permanent record of the scan that can be provided to the client.

The image shown here shows numerous indications that were found in a rolled steel plate adjacent to a weld that was being inspected for in-service damage. Data displayed in this manner has the advantage of being easily stored, and is much more easily understood than traditional UT scan data (seen in the bottom left of the image). 

PAUT scan data